Motivate, unify and celebrate your staff with Play the Game

Play The Game is an entirely customisable online incentive platform that facilitates positive peer-to-peer recognition, whilst reinforcing your company values.

Play The Game was born from our belief that ad-hoc feedback is too informal and unorganised, whilst yearly reviews are too serious and too far apart.

Play The Game gives everyone in your company the chance to provide positive, anonymous, feedback to their colleagues in a fun and exciting way.

Play The Game gives every player a monthly boost when they receive their feedback, and gives managers and HR an easy-to-navigate dashboard to overview how individuals and teams are interacting.

Play The Game reinforces and embeds your company’s values by reminding employees of what they are and asking them to recognise their colleagues that best demonstrate them.

Play The Game can be completely re-skinned and re-named to fit with your company’s essence and identity.


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All platforms, all devices

PLAY The Game is a web based application that works seamlessly across all your devices and platforms. 
You can reward and view feedback on any device at any time.


How does it work?


1. Log in

Use your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop to access. Every player has 100 points to allocate each month, and the goal is to be the person with the most points.


2. Dashboard

Get an easy overview of how many points you have left and how many days left to reward. You can also quickly access all previous feedback you’ve given and received.


3. Search

Scroll down to find the colleague you want to reward. Staff can be grouped in teams, departments or simply alphabetically.


4. Reward

Now decide how many points you’d like to give them – 5, 10, 25 or 50. Failure to award all your points means the remainder are subtracted from your total!


5. Values & feedback

You can’t just give points, you must explain why your colleague deserves recognition for embodying the company’s core values.

Who is PLAY?

PLAY is the agency for the Experience Economy. In 2003 we opened our doors as the pioneers of experience thinking. Today we are a game-changing, strategically driven business and the most awarded Brand Experience Agency in Australia, servicing clients in Australia and Asia Pacific.